Employment Opportunities

Director of Finance


  • Strong Financial management background as well as expert financial modeling skills
  • Bookkeeping skills, including the use of QuickBooks
  • Experience with building management and a basic knowledge of building systems
  • Able to work independently
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

Reports to:

  • Head of School

General Duties:

  • The Director of Finance (DOF) is primarily responsible for the school’s financial management, the operation of the physical plant, and the school’s human resource management and administration.

Budget and Financial Management 

  • Develops budget and tuition proposals with the Head of School and Finance Committee
  • Tracks the budget and organizes reports for the Board of Trustees
  • Follows up with parents on late tuition payments in accordance with school policy
  • Meets with parents with special financial hardship circumstances; authorizes individualized tuition payment plans in conjunction with the Head of School
  • Calculates student fees when schedules are changed
  • Resolves parent questions regarding tuition, billing, and enrollment contracts
  • Handles all incoming money
  • Approves bills and requests for reimbursement; researches all discrepancies
  • Contacts vendors and follows up on disputed bills
  • Opens and reviews all bank statements
  • Generates checks for expenditures and bills for tuition as needed
  • Initiates financial studies on various aspects of the operation of the school
  • Engages in strategic planning to improve the school’s fiscal position and administrative functioning
  • Works with lawyers, accountant, auditors, and bankers
  • Acts as liaison to other agencies on matters of money
  • Provides information and reports for the Treasurer, Finance Committee, and Head of School
  • Evaluates and maintains financing arrangements
  • Follows purchasing policy


  • Meets with Head of School weekly and as needed
  • Develops and publishes policies and procedures as needed
  • Proofreads outgoing documents as needed
  • In cooperation with Lead Teachers, manages situations as appropriate (i.e. emergencies) in the absence of the Head of School

Human Resources 

  • Calculates financial impact of changes in staffing
  • Prepares staff contracts with approval of Head of School
  • Monitors preparation of payroll semimonthly
  • Administers employee benefits; researches new or replacement benefit options; answers employee questions on benefits
  • Recommends revisions to Personnel Policies as needed
  • Consults to Head of School on personnel issues as needed
  • Maintains staff files in compliance with AISNE guidelines and federal and state laws
  • Posts current federal and state employment laws
  • Advises responsible staff on procedures, requirements and forms for new hires

Board Responsibilities 

  • Member of Board committees: pertaining to personnel or facilities
  • Attends all Board meetings
  • Prepares Business Manager reports and budget, tuition and other proposals for Board of Trustees

Buildings and Grounds and Equipment 

  • Handles security, maintenance and upgrades
  • Coordinates training, maintenance and use of alarm system
  • Contact person for IPM plan
  • Meets with potential contractors regarding bids for maintenance
  • Coordinates with and monitors contractors
  • Evaluates annual service contracts; investigates new services and lease options
  • Coordinates maintenance and repair of building and grounds

Financial Aid 

  • Member of Financial Aid Committee
  • Prepare documents for consideration by Financial Aid Committee
  • Maintains financial aid statistics and data


  • Maintains school insurance policies, reviews policies with agent
  • Reviews operations with auditors, formulates compliance plan
  • Researches and applies for new policies as needed

Professional Development 

  • Keeps track of business and school management trends through periodic workshops and meetings

Staff-Wide General Responsibilities 

  • Is responsible for welfare, safety and achievement of students.
  • Performs tasks necessary to maintain a clean, orderly and attractive school environment.
  • Attends appropriate staff/faculty meetings and professional development offerings.
  • Maintains a nurturing, warm, objective attitude toward all children.
  • Maintains respectful communications with all children and parents
  • Conducts oneself professionally by respecting student confidentiality, cooperating with staff members, working out differences in a mature and reasonable manner and communicating unresolved issues to the Head of School
  • Meets with Head of School as scheduled and additionally to solve problems as necessary, as they may relate to relations with school, families, or staff
  • Participates in annual evaluation process, including review of job description, goal setting and review with Head of School.
  • Meets professional development goals, as set with supervisor.
  • Manages e-mail and voice mail in line with school-wide expectations
  • Upholds and follows all school policies
  • Familiar with and promotes the school’s Mission Statement
  • Attends school events as requested by the Head of School
  • Performs other duties as requested by the Head of School

Bachelor Degree Required 

At least one year of experience in Accounting/Finance

All inquiries should be sent to Melissa Earls, Head of School, and should include a cover letter, current resume, and at least two letters of recommendation. Melissa Earls can be reached at mearls@academyhill.org