Developing Visionaries, Innovators & Leaders of Tomorrow

An internationally recognized private elementary school in Springfield, MA

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Nothing is out of reach

Our mission at Academy Hill is to develop the leaders, innovators and visionaries of tomorrow by nurturing their self-confidence and developing their abilities.

Communication is critical

We focus on the skills that create success in higher education and in life: written and verbal communication. Our curriculum trains every single student, K-8, in public speaking.

Early development is key

We put our students in a supportive, challenging environment. Our teachers are passionate about bringing forward their talent.

"Research shows that average annual learning gains for children in grades K-2 are dramatically greater than those for subsequent years of school...(and) are a powerful predictor of later school and life outcomes."
- U.S. News & World Report

We teach the student, not to the test

Academy Hill students consistently earn top marks on the SSAT and ISEE - not because we teach to the test, but because we develop their capabilities fully.

Individual attention

Our school is small by choice - so that we can put in the time and give the individual attention needed to help our students achieve their full potential, however high that may be.

A place for passion

Our kids are emerging mathematicians, writers, scientists, poets, leaders, artists and teachers. They look at the world differently. We encourage their passion.

Between 33% and 45% of students receive financial aid each year. Awards vary. Please call or visit for more information.

Association of Independent Schools in New England accreditation

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"Our children are getting an invaluable experience and what you’ve been able to accomplish under these extremely difficult circumstances is nothing short of astonishing. It’s just one more reason why we love Academy Hill and why we chose an Academy Hill educational experience over any other." - Academy Hill Parent

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"Academy Hill equipped me with the knowledge, tools and confidence to succeed among the most competitive of prep school environments."- Academy Alumna Class of 2016,
Deerfield Academy Class of 2020

Academy Hill students

"Our daughter wasn't being adequately challenged at our local school. Now, at Academy Hill she is thriving in ways that we never imagined."- Academy Hill Parent