Our Mission

A private elementary school and middle school cultivating young minds

Academy Hill emphasizes progression without limits through enriched curriculum that celebrates differences, nourishes creative thought and critical inquiry, and cultivates authentic learning, leading to the success of our students. Our goal is to develop tomorrow’s visionaries, innovators, and leaders.

Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Academy Hill School has been engaged in diversity work since our founding. We recognize diversity alone does not lead to inclusion, and we are committed to taking active steps to create an environment in which the identities and cultural backgrounds of our families, students, and employees are valued and respected.

At Academy Hill we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to achieving educational and academic excellence, and that students’ learning experiences are enriched by the diversity of the curriculum, student body, and adult community. Academy Hill is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable community in which all individuals can participate in and contribute to the life of the school, regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of their identity. We are actively working to gain a deeper understanding of difference and how we honor it in our daily lives at school.

As a NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) member school, we believe in and subscribe to the Association's Principles of Good Practice as they concern Equity and Justice.

2022 Strategic Plan

Throughout the 2021 - 2022 school year a dedicated team of Board of Trustee members, faculty and staff, parents and students met to craft a new Strategic Plan created to help guide Academy Hill through the next five years.

Thank you to David Wells, Chair of the Board of Trustees; Melissa Earls, Head of School; Trustees Jana Bertera, Bob Boyd, Eric Lunden, David Kayiatos; Faculty Members Joe Bock, Alan Brody, Sharon Desjarlais, Alison Gauthier, Nicole Gebo, Len Haggerty, Selina Kell, Danielle Mazur; Parents Laura Cardillo, Kari Kayiatos, E'beth Wells; and Students Ryan Cooley and Tovah Woldorf.

Please click the link below to review the 2022 Strategic Plan: