SPARK Enrichment

Our SPARK enrichment program includes dynamic enrichment courses that stimulate and support students' creativity, strengths, and interests. SPARK includes academic year classes and clubs as well as summer programs.

At Academy Hill, we've seen over and over again that if given exciting challenges that match their interests along with necessary support from adults, children will surpass their goals and our expectations. Therefore, the rigor of SPARK courses are generally one or more years above grade level.

Classes and clubs are multi-age with students uniting around a common interest. We are aware of and strive to accommodate students' learning differences and to foster their social and emotional well-being. Subject matter is adjusted to suit various levels of readiness.

By its nature, SPARK is a more relaxed setting than traditional classroom courses, while still maintaining that high level of academic rigor. Faculty act as coaches and mentors, not lecturers. We also believe play has learning value and include free time each day.

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