Our English Language Arts/Literacy program provides our students with extraordinary opportunities in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We focus not only on developing reading skills but also on opportunities for instruction in written and spoken expression, as well as exposure to a vast array of literary genres that stimulate and engage developing minds. Students throughout the grade levels are taught how to research and present topics. By training students in these skills early on, we build a foundation for effective communication and leadership in their academic careers and in life.

All the skills required for success are taught and practiced in an engaging, interactive manner. Children conduct author studies, create plays and officiate at Author's Teas, where they share their own literary accomplishments. Children begin the study of word stems in grade 4 and continue their study through grade 8. We utilize a variety of sources, including Michael Clay Thompson's thoughtful series of grammar and vocabulary texts. Literature selections range from classic to contemporary. Some texts are taught in conjunction with the Social Studies material, while others are taught by themselves.

We take care to provide students with some choice and to find sufficiently challenging books with age-appropriate content.