Fine and Performing Arts


Academy Hill is committed to studying art disciplines as recommended by the National Standards of Education in the Arts. Visual Arts standards at the elementary school level focus on general art knowledge and skills to help create a foundation for artistic study in later years, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphic design.

Art classes within the elementary grades help students understand how media, technique and process are used to create works of art. Art classes at the middle school level expand on the elementary foundation in understanding and skills in the visual arts in an exploratory manner.

At Academy Hill, we believe that art education is an essential and fundamental part of personal growth and intellectual development. Through art, most aspects of human nature can be identified, encouraged and nurtured. While some of our students will go on to be tomorrow's great artists, many more will benefit from the art curriculum as they become innovators and visionaries in their chosen fields.


The goal of Academy Hill's music program is to introduce students to a variety of musical experiences that incorporate listening, singing, playing instruments, movement, and composing to instill an appreciation and knowledge of music as a creative art form that students can participate in throughout their lives.

Students learn how to read standard musical notation to have a common language for singing and playing instruments such as the recorder, ukulele and Orff percussion instruments, both as soloists and in classroom ensembles. Students also improvise and compose music using these classroom instruments.

Students learn to sing a variety of songs from their own and other cultures in unison, rounds and parts with proper vocal technique. In addition, the music curriculum incorporates movement throughout all the grade levels, including folk dances from a variety of cultures. Students listen to a variety of musical styles and discuss what makes a piece of music art and how music is an integral part of our culture. Students work cooperatively in classroom musical ensembles, learning to create and perform music as part of a group.